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    Artist Residency at MakerLabs


    I am please to announce that I was granted the "Tools For Women" artist residency at the MakerLabs!

    The residency will take place November-December 2018. During the residency, I will further explore with my shadow box project  explore and any other ideas that will stem from my time within your community of makers. I am looking forward to see what can stem from such creative environment.

    Stay tuned for the "Show and Tell" event that will be presented at the end of my residency. 


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    My First Mural 2018


    Summer 2018 presented itself with an opportunity to paint an outdoor mural and I jumped on it! 

    It was an amazing experience to be outside painting a large 3D box illusion. Erin and E.J the owner/trainers at Crossfit Uncivilized where super supportive and Erin even pitch in by painting sections of the mural! 

    Thanks again for believing in me and giving me such opportunity. 

    You can view the mural in the back alley of the 2900 South block of Broadway. It is behind CrossFit Uncivilized for those who know the gym. 

    I also uploaded it on Google map for you enjoyment (or driving direction!) 

    If you have a wall and are enjoying what I did with this one, I am available for more of these opportunity!

    Let me know what you think.


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    Passage - a solo show by Marion Landry

    February 16th to March 6th, 2018 South Main Gallery, Vancouver 279 East 7th Avenu

    Passage is the act or the process of moving through, under, over, or past something on the way from one place to another. In a literal sense, it is a pathway, a road that one can travel. Passage involves movement, direction, and depth. It stems from a desire to explore, to seek for, or to bypass something. It flirts with the idea of a before and after, implying a desire for change. Passage is both a journey and a process to be experienced through the visual senses.

    The exhibition presents a series of grid paintings alongside two distinct forms of exploration: painting studies and boîtes tableaux. The first serve as markers of the process: they are inquiries, observations, and stops along the way that call for reflection. The boîtes tableaux, on the other hand, are tactile manipulations of these questions in a three-dimensional plane. They are maquettes to bigger issues, yet exist within limited parameters and fixed boundaries. With Passage, my desire is to explore how a painting can present an alternate mapping of reality by manipulating illusions of depth, pattern, surface, color, and light.

    To view images of the show click here

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    Gallery representation


    I am pleased to announced that I am now represented by South Main Gallery in Vancouver. 

    I have installed few pieces and a Box Maquette as a small preview. This will be on display for the next few weeks. 

    I will have a solo show with the gallery sometimes in 2018, stay tuned for more details. 

    To find out about work available through the gallery, please contact them directly. 


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    Fall Grid


    For the fall 2016, I worked on a series of grid paintings using burgundy, peach and orange tones. 

    All the studies helped me figure out what I wanted to achieve for a large piece title Fall Triangle.

    (These are the studies: Tile #3, Tile #4, Tile #6A, Tile #6B, Tile #7)

    I recorded part of my painting process as a trial for a step motion video. This was my first attempt at recording a step motion type video. Altough I ran into some lighting issues during the recording, I think the final video helps understand how I painted the background for this large piece. People often wonder how I create my colour gradient and I think that if you have a look at this video, it will greatly help you understand parts of my process. Before recording the video, I had previously mixed all my colours, something that can take me all day in order to achieve the right tone and consistency. I had also painted multiple background tests and I kept one next to me to guide my painting. You can see it against the wall on the left side of the studio in the video. 

    I hope you enjoy seing me in action! This 26 second video actually reprensents about 3 hours of work. Painting such large size is quite physical so don't mind me taking off layers as I am painting. 



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