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    For the fall semester 2014, I  attended an Interdisciplinary forums as part of a required class for my bachelor of Fine Art. The course was contextualized by weekly lectures, exhibitions, screenings, and other public events in an integrated examination of issues central to contemporary art practice. The main topic of the class was ‘The Art School’. We had a variety of lecturer including Gary Neil Kennedy (The Last Art College), Paul Mathieu, Brian McBay, Helen Reed + Hannah Jickling and many more. For this class, I had to produce a ‘Praxis Paper’.

    The paper talks about my art practice with a focus on my latest series of ‘Grids’ Paintings. To read the paper, click here

    To view the series of ‘Grids’ click here 

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    The figure + the body with Neil Wedman


    He is the only teacher that wears a three pieces suit and I wanted to take a class with him since I saw him walking down the corridor at Emily Carr University of Art + Desing. Finally, I was able to register to ‘The Figure + the Body’, a class with Mr Wedman.  I find painting with a live model so challenging. It’s a love and hate relationship with the paint and time. With only few minutes to define the main lines of the model's body, the result is sometimes successfully, sometimes not. But there are always moments on the canvas that are so beautiful and promising. "Good start Marion" Mr Wedman would wispered while walking behind me.. and sometimes it was more like "You have to step away from the painting and look at it". Mr Wedman's love of painting is very contagious and his positive energy a great motivation to keep on trying!

    In the end,  I don't think it was a complete success, but I do enjoy some of the moments present in each painting. I love the freshness of the quick 5 minutes ones. So little is revealed and yet, you can feel the model's presence. 

    I have shared with you some of my favorites. They are monochromatic, mostly black and white with some colored background. Starting with 5 minutes poses, 10 minutes all the way to 45 min for the longest poses.

    For the final, we had to produced two portraits. The first, a regular portrait and the second, the same model but disguised. I worked with a live model for the first 45 minutes and then finished the paintings with the help of photographs.

    To view the result of my final paintings, click on these links:

    Model  Disguised model

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    Round and Round by Marion Landry


    This summer, I had the pleasure to be the docent at the Rennie Collection for the Rodney Graham show. I shared about my experience on a blog post published by the gallery. 

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    CBC Interview (french) - Boulevard du Pacifique


    I was interviewed by Jacques Dufresne - ICI Radio-CanadaBoulevard du Pacifique – to talk about the French tour I was offering in parallel with the Rodney Graham exhibit at the Rennie Collection where I was the docent for the summer. You can listen to the interview (in French) here:  

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    3rd year studio practice is completed!


    I concluded my 3rd year studio practice with a show of hands and grids. It was an interesting class lead by Elizabeth McIntosh. She pushed me to used colour I had never used before and it resulted in a series of very interesting –in my opinion- Grid paintings on canvas and linen. To see the series of Grid paintings, you can filter by ‘collection’ in the ‘Art’ section of my website. Here is a video of my final critique filmed in school. 

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