Fall Grid

January 01, 2017

For the fall 2016, I worked on a series of grid paintings using burgundy, peach and orange tones. 

All the studies helped me figure out what I wanted to achieve for a large piece title Fall Triangle.

(These are the studies: Tile #3, Tile #4, Tile #6A, Tile #6B, Tile #7)

I recorded part of my painting process as a trial for a step motion video. This was my first attempt at recording a step motion type video. Altough I ran into some lighting issues during the recording, I think the final video helps understand how I painted the background for this large piece. People often wonder how I create my colour gradient and I think that if you have a look at this video, it will greatly help you understand parts of my process. Before recording the video, I had previously mixed all my colours, something that can take me all day in order to achieve the right tone and consistency. I had also painted multiple background tests and I kept one next to me to guide my painting. You can see it against the wall on the left side of the studio in the video. 

I hope you enjoy seing me in action! This 26 second video actually reprensents about 3 hours of work. Painting such large size is quite physical so don't mind me taking off layers as I am painting.